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Student Testimonials

“Karen’s instruction is remarkably intuitive, supportive, and holistic.  She is an excellent listener and responds with skill and empathy, catalyzing breakthroughs and restoring hope.” Nodiah, singer-songwriter


“I am a singer-songwriter, and I came to Karen having lost the upper range of my voice. She showed me, with technical advice (based on science) and with specific exercises, not only how to regain the upper notes, but with practice, how to work towards maximizing the full range of my voice. She never tried to change my voice, but taught me how to bring out my natural voice more fully and with greater confidence.”   Christina, singer-songwriter


“Karen has opened my eyes to a whole new way of singing my own songs. The tricks and techniques she brought my attention to, really make a difference in the way my songs are emoted. There is now a tenderness there that wasn’t as present before. She’s amazing.  I mean every word!” Francesca, singer-songwriter


“Karen has been so helpful in pinpointing poor vocal habits I wasn’t aware of, and giving me the feedback I need to greatly improve my singing.”  Nancy, singer-songwriter