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Studio Policies – Pre College

Songwerks Voice Studio Pre-College Age Students


I am happy to have you as part of Songwerks Voice Studio.  In order to ensure an effective and positive learning environment for Songwerks students, families and me, I have established a set of policies and procedures.


Tuition for lessons is paid on a monthly basis and due in full on or before the first lesson of each month.  Payment by check, cash, debit/credit card (plus service charge) Venmo or PayPal (plus service charge) is accepted.


Monthly Tuition:

1/2 hour weekly lessons, $40 hour ($160 month, 4 lessons, $200, 5 lessons)

1-hour lessons, $75 hour ($300 month, 4 lessons, $375 month, 5 lessons)

Package Rates:

8 Lesson Option (must be used within 20 weeks of purchase)

Eight 1 hour lessons = $540.00 (includes tax)
Eight 30 minute lessons = $250.00 (includes tax)

4 Lesson Option (must be used within 10 weeks of purchase)

Four 1 hour lessons = $275.00 (includes tax)
Four 30 minute lessons = $125.00 (includes tax)


I will not be offering make-up lessons for missed lessons.  The policy covers any type of absence – illness, school event, vacation, etc.  Please respect this policy.

Please give me at least 24 hours notice if you will be missing a lesson.

If you know in advance that you will not be attending all lessons during a month, give me notice of the dates you will miss, and the monthly invoice will reflect only those lessons you will be attending.

It is rare that I cancel lessons.  However, should it happen that I have to cancel a regularly scheduled lesson, one (1) make-up lesson time will be offered to the student for each lesson that I cancel.


In the event of inclement weather or unexpected interruptions of lessons beyond our control (snow days, etc.), Songwerks will close if the Santa Fe public school system cancels classes.  Any lessons canceled because of these reasons will be rescheduled as soon as possible.  No refunds will be issued.


Promptness: Lessons at Songwerks begin and end on time, and students are expected to be prompt.  I am not obligated to make up any class or lesson time due to lateness on the part of the student.


Parents are welcome to occasionally observe a lesson with the student’s permission.  However, you must understand that with some students this will be an unnatural situation and they will not be as relaxed and responsive as they usually are.  You may feel free to call or e-mail me to discuss the progress of your son or daughter at any time.

There is no seated waiting area at Songwerks.  Please wait outside my studio until your child’s lesson is over.  There is ample seating in the Plaza Mercado building.  I will be sure you are there to pick them up before allowing them to leave the studio space.


Students and parents need to be aware that the cost of music is in addition to the fee for lessons.  In order to keep down costs, I try to use books whenever possible as opposed to single sheet music.  Once I get to know the student’s voice, I will assign appropriate music and provide information about where to purchase it.


Since I am a strong believer in the discipline of technical exercises, the use of formal technique books and exercises is a part of lesson study and weekly practice sessions.  In all cases, the exercises and vocalises play an important part in building the voice and developing a healthy vocal technique.  These techniques are gradually transferred to songs.  Some students prefer to work with these exercises in privacy.  If your son or daughter feels this way, it is much better that he or she be left alone in the room while practicing.  Several short periods of practice a day are recommended in the beginning weeks of study rather than one long period.  Continual practice is necessary for the full benefit of lessons.  Students with disciplined and organized regular practice sessions will make the most progress.  I encourage each student to record his or her daily practice sessions in a practice journal.


Not all students who take voice lessons will develop into solo singers.  However, many of them will find that as a result of this training they will be able to exhibit much more musical self-confidence.  Many former students have found that this background has made them influential members in youth choirs, church choirs, community chamber ensembles, college vocal groups or musical theater organizations.  In all cases, former students have gained a much deeper appreciation for all types of vocal music and music in general.  They have also developed a much better speaking presence and self-confidence in front of large audiences.